You’ve heard it before- “step your right foot forward” (from down dog).

Your brain said “alright, that’s not that far”

Your body said “EH who are you how are we going to do that?”

And The Attempts Begin.


Here’s some good news (I hope) this is pretty much EVERYONE that doesn’t come from a sporty background- and even then, it’ might depend on the sport. So I hope that helps a little. The video though, will help much more.


Here is video 2: Stepping Forward and Back

Video two timestamps
: 16 expectations and shapes
:37 try to lift the hips
1:05 step one
1:22 another option
1:35 stepping back
2:08 weight distribution, smooth it out
3:00 tips to move
4:17 physical practice recommendation: watch the whole thing then do and watch

Congratulations! You made it to week two, please share any findings you have so far.
Also, supplements below.


The Class You Want On Your Day Off (21 min) or for a mid day break.

This class is aimed at creating a strong foundation for allowing the invigoration of back bends into our day- which really means you will have an opportunity to move your hips and shoulders and offer up an assortment of foundational postures.

This class can be paired up with my other short online classes to create your perfect class in a personal way.

You can supplement your support in postures with blocks and a blanket.

If you do not have the experience of putting your forearms down I would consider doing that another time- lets talk.

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