Welcome & Thank You so very much for trusting me enough to test out this series.

This first day of us together is an overview- please feel free to reply to the email with any questions and comments.



Here is your intro video

Intro timestamps
: 20 lay of the land
: 45 refinement or beginning
1:18 if you want to refine
2:40 begin with lengthening your breath trying to even the inhale and the exhale
3:28 how do you stand and move from there
4:40 varieties in movement

Thank you for spending time on this series!
all my best,


PS check below, I added some things to supplement your practice

Great for after travel or a long day (17 minutes)

This is a mixed level class good for a warm up to a longer class or used on it’s own for after travel, thoracic spine and hip mobility or a general pick me up. Includes wrist stretching.

This short class can be supplemented by using two blocks and a blanket.


Yoga Moves For Beginners (or anyone really) // Free