5 Basic Transitions Refined : Section 1

Stage one- checking out how you move your arms. This move is so simple it is quite often overlooked.
I suggest testing out all the ways- and getting to know them well. Rotate through when you practice- rather than choosing just one. That is, AFTER you spend some time getting to know them each.
Notice when you reach, when you lift, when you extend (and where).


Here is Video 1: Transitions Involving Your Arms

Video one timestamps
: 25 how the arms are connected to the body
1:17 physical standing demo of the arm moves I am explaining
2:37 second option to lowering the hands
2:52 the whys
3:18 simple morning practice suggestion
4:04 exploration with the hands
5:02 arm exploration
8:25 down dog to plank on blocks is good for everyone
9:20 shoulders in relation to wrists
10:09 get some blocks to start
10:35 weight distribution in a fold with blocks
11:30 come up slowly
11:58 change the ways you rise
12:38 always rest

Please let me know if you have any questions- as well, check out the supplemental videos below. I hope to have more of everything soon!



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