5 Basic Transitions Refined: Section 3

This is definitely another one of those things we take for granted once we get the move going. Especially when we repeat the same type of movement a lot. This isn’t necessarily bad- it’s just that sometimes down the road we find out we need to change something and THAT is hard to do!

What I am going to ask you to do in the video MIGHT be easy for you, it also might not.
IF it is “easy” take some time to recognize where more work might be added- begin to start to feel it out.

5 Basic Transitions Refined: Moving Forward and Back

Thank you for hanging in!


Tight Shoulders? Try This


This short class (7 minutes!) is great for your shoulders and spine and can be easily adjusted to suit where you are.

Some of these stretches are uncommon and just might be exactly what you are missing- because I know you have tried everything 🙂

Stretches for after a long walk // Free