5 Basic Transitions Refined: Section 5

Just lower down.

The things I am sharing here are definitely going to help you strengthen areas that don’t like to be strengthened- at least, not in my experience. Give it a go, then try again. Mix it up some if it’s super challenging for you- consider changing the width of your hands in very small increments.

Here is video 5: Lowering Down and Lifting Up

CONGRATULATIONS you are almost through the entire series- did I tell you there’s a bonus day?! YES now you know.


Dynamic Attunement Yoga: Strength & Mobility 1

This is Dynamic Attunement Yoga
which has the side effects of Strength & Mobility.

This short class concentrates on standing mobility and offers a few options to work with. Becoming comfortable balancing on one leg adds so much concentration into our lives and having an approach that works for us that is fun is the best! If that sounds interesting to you, consider adding this short class into your repertoire.
If I had to classify this class into an area of the body it would be hips but I think it is so much more than that.
Try it in the morning , as it is invigorating.

This class pairs well with my other short classes.

Please provide your own time for Savasana.

Yoga Inspired Movement- Standing poses and transitions //FREE