Carl Paoli

In looking for solutions in connecting a wide range of ideas that span many areas of creative gifts I decided that a conversation series on my podcast would provide the clearest route.

Today I’m excited to invite you to listen to the first episode in the series of

Convergent Conversations

Please warmly welcome Carl Paoli
Hungry For Apples Podcast

Carl is someone that has truly enriched my life with many many open hearted discussions over the passed few months about life and moving through it and I am so excited to share this with you today.

Carl and I are very different and have very unique life experiences- but we also share some big commonalities.

Here is a perfect example of Carl saying something very clearly that I have been expressing myself, something which we do that is similar…

“One of the things I like to do, to be able to integrate what I’ve learned is to immediately share it and I share it in a way where I acknowledge my current level of understanding”

The reason this conversation is so interesting is because of the differences we hold as it refers to our life already lived but going forward there’s a special convergence that I hope to convey by continuing these kinds of talks.

A big giant thank you to Carl Paoli for showing up and talking freely with me.

I’m looking at monthly installments.

Thanks for listening,